My Stories

As I mentioned before, I’m an author.

I used to write articles revolving around Hijama but now I focus mainly on my stories and my Writing Trail. So I figured there should be a page that links you to these. (You can always use the little category thing on the side to find them but hey … pages are easier to navigate, right?) Speaking of pages:

Here’s my Amazon Author Page and my Goodreads Author Page.

See the following for links to my currently published works and samples of stories that I may/may not publish later. Disclaimer: Most of them are older works so the writing style may be a little different. I’ll update this page as I add them to the blog/publish them.

1 – Don’t Disappoint Me

Copy of x3 Don't Disappoint Me

Don’t Disappoint Me – Synopsis and preview

Kindle version available here

Paperback available here

E-book available in other stores

2 – This Bond Won’t Disappear (to be published)

This Bond Won’t Disappear – Preview

This Bond Won’t Disappear – Sample

3 – Stress (to be published)

Stress – Preview

Stress – Sample

4 – What The Hell? (to be published)

What The Hell? – Preview

What The Hell? – Sample

5. Soul Echo: For Someone Like Him (Fanfiction)

For Someone Like Him cover

For Someone Like Him – Story

6. Born Broken (Short Story)


Born Broken – Story

If my list of published works gets too long, I might get rid of it on this page and just leave the links to my page. So if you want to follow one or both of them in advance, I won’t stop you. I might even go so far as to say that’s an excellent idea.

If you enjoy them, please let me know in the comments. Honest feedback is food for the soul and my inner writer is staaaarving. Heh heh.